Monday, March 23, 2009

Sometimes I am amazed at what kinds of things come out of the US

Sometimes I can't believe I'm seeing what I do coming out of the US in media.
Not that Canada has any fewer buffoons, but we usually don't let them have their own show (unless you count Ed's Night Party, which some of us will).

For Canadians watching, be prepared to be insulted. 

For americans who don't know any better, understand that these people get just about every statement wrong if not completely inappropriate and insulting.

At first I thought this was some sort of comedy show, but then I began to wonder if they actually were the ignorant buffoons they make them selves sound like.

I'm told by the way that this is some sort of Fox program, so I can't say I'm surprised about the quality.

If your so inclined, you can complain to:
ED: Since writing this post, I've learned that an apology was forthcoming. It seems a bit lame but then what can you expect from these clowns?

When Canadians take shots at the US, we do it under the guise of Comedy... and funny it is. Let me leave you with a few good ones to bring your blood pressure down.