Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I just started reading Little Brother (written by Cory Doctorow) which is about the control and abuse of information by your government. John Baichtal called Little Brother a "Manual for our Kids to Save the Future" in his review on Wired: GeekDad.

I found it Ironic this morning while reading the various news sources I parse every morning to find this little gem the UK Guardian: 
ISPs to record all emails and calls
I keep wondering now if people are just blind to the probable abuse of this new regulation. I have no doubt that the people putting it in place have nothing but the best intentions (what is they say about the road to Hell?) but once in place it can not easily be removed again and it would be very easy for any unscrupulous person or organization to use the information against a population.

This has happened before and usually people are not happy with the outcome.
I fear for my children's future.

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